written by John Lyons on April 5, 2018

Custom Escalator Control Cabinet

This month, the team at Fingles Metalworks Inc. finished up a project for a local Baltimore-area escalator company. After working with the client for several years on custom escalator panels and professionally-finished projects, the client requested a new, custom designed piece: an escalator control cabinet. 

Escalator Control Cabinet Project

Like most projects at Fingles, the escalator control cabinet project came with a strict set of specifications from the client. The piece would need to be aesthetically pleasing with a polished and professional look for a high-traffic area.


In addition to looking good, the piece had safety requirements as well. It would be used to house mechanical and electrical components, so the escalator control cabinet would need to both protect the equipment and any passing pedestrians from harm. To top it off, the project would need to be finished quickly.

Choosing the Material

To get the professional finished look requested by the client, the Fingles team used a Number 4 finish stainless steel. With this finish, sheet metal has short, parallel lines that extend along the length of the metal in a uniform manner. This is the finish one might see used for industrial kitchen equipment, architectural wall panels, or modern-looking furniture. Stainless steel kitchen appliances are often finished with a number 4 stainless steel.


Designing the Cabinet

The cabinet was designed to house electrical equipment for the escalator. The custom piece was designed, fabricated, and installed in multiple pieces to support assembly around the existing equipment. Getting the perfect fit was integral to the success of the project and required extensive attention to detail during the measuring and drafting process. All bends and door openings were designed to be tamper-proof since the cabinet is located in a highly trafficked area.


The End Result

From proposal to installation, Fingles was given just two weeks to get the project done. During that time, we measured, fabricated, and installed a custom escalator control cabinet for our local Baltimore area escalator client. Due to the specific use of the cabinet, this project required a perfect fit, quality finish, and tamper resistant design.


Using careful planning, we were able to ensure the number 4 stainless steel finish grain ran in the same direction on all views, so that no matter where you’re standing, the piece has a cohesive and professional look. And with a little creative thinking, we were able to create the cabinet in such a way that it is completely tamper-proof.

Custom Metal Projects in Baltimore, MD

At Fingles Metalworks Inc. we strive to bring quality design, fabrication, and installation to every project we complete. From taking accurate measurements and drafting with intention, to planning the project perfectly through to completion, our attention to detail helped us succeed on this custom escalator control cabinet project. To learn more about our work, or to get a quote, please contact us today.