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It is our mission to provide you, our partner, an unparalleled experience.

Fingles Metalworks takes great pride in providing craftsmanship, running safe and timely projects while creating our customer's visions. We expect our work to build relationships, while profits take a backseat to our reputation and accountability. This is all evident through transparent and effective communication with our customers.

Bond Building Canopy

MIG Welding

Escalator Cladding and Decking

WMTA #4 Stainless Steel Handrail

Stainless Steel Outdoor Table



est. 1895


Fingles Metalworks has been forging relationships with both local customers in the Baltimore / DC area as well with nation vendors and customers. We do not restrict ourselves by the size of the job and seek out new opportunities.

We maintain a diversified client list with all industries including; chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and energy. In other sectors we focus on miscellaneous metals and architectural work for new and historical construction work. 

In the elevator and escalator industry, we specialize in custom finish metal work from wall panel systems to finished cab interiors. We have a long history of providing craftsmanship to our customers and hope to add you to our family also.

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Ornamental Metals, and Canopies
Ornamental Metals
Our customers have an endless list of designs that we can bring to life within their building designs. We use a large array of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, and steel. We also provide a variety of patinas and finishes such as blacken steel or bronze.

We specialize in the fabrication and installation of custom canopies for new construction and historical restorations.

Custom Works
Custom Works
We pride ourselves on our diversity and being able to work with fellow Artisans. We can create or fabricate many custom pieces: shelves, fixtures, furniture, sculptures, etc.

Hi-Def Plasma and Waterjet, Custom Engraving, and Plate Forming and Rolling
Hi-Def Plasma and Waterjet
We operate in-house both a Hi-Def Plasma cutting system and a Waterjet. While our Hi-Def Plasma can support quick and easy mass production of parts, our waterjet system can achieve tight tolerances without having to do any added machining.

Custom Engraving
Our newly acquired engraver is extremely versatile. Its capable of engraving on hard surfaces such as stainless for lettering or make use of the diamond engraving to make custom works of art on your metal.

Plate Forming and Rolling
Our equipment includes heavy-duty shears, plate rollers, and presses to form heavy plate.

Common Center Decking, Truss Cladding, Custom Metal Cladding, Certified Welding Services, and Modernization Services
Common Center Decking
We provide and install engineered common center decking suited to your needs.

Truss Cladding
Our cladding systems our designed per your architectural requirements and are backed up with engineering for your specific escalator unit. Rigging Fabrication services for temporary framing support systems and gantries.

Custom Metal Cladding
Elevator Cab Interiors, Hoistways, and Doors: We can provide any finish that is required for the project. Black Iron, Stainless Steel, Brass, custom oxidized and lacquered finishes available.

Certified welding services
We provided welding services to repair damages to existing trusses or any misc. welding that might be required on the job. Emergency Repair and Custom Fabrication Parts.

Modernization Services
We can provide custom solutions and modifications to all your existing components; handrails, button plates, cladding, guards, etc.

Maintenance, Millwright, Rigging, Pipe Fitting, Welding, and Industrial Fabrication
Our journeymen are qualified to handle the maintenance, installation, or repair of your equipment.

Pipe Fitting
We provide installations on both threaded and welded pipe, ranging from standard carbon steel and stainless pipe to alloys such as Hastelloy or FRP piping.

Our welders are ASME certified Stick, MIG, and TIG from 6G all position pipe to 4G structural.

Industrial Fabrication
Fingles performs a wide array of Industrial Fabrication including but not limited to: Tanks, Hoppers, Chutes, Guarding, Platforms, and Various Custom Equipment.

Handrail, Guardrails, and Fencing, Steel Erection and Rigging, and Countertops
Handrail, Guardrails, and Fencing
Whether looking for a standard industrial guardrail for a facility or custom ornamental handrails for a grand staircase we are capable of designing and installing to meet your needs.

Steel Erection and Rigging
Fingles can provide fabrication and installation of all of our work. Equipment platforms, rooftop units, building expansions.

Custom fabrication of countertops – Black Iron, Stainless, Brass, Copper, Zinc.


  • Project Manager

    Looking for individuals knowledgeable in miscellaneous metals and ornamental metals, who can develop a plan for a project from pre-construction through to completion and ensure that project will complete on time and on budget. This individual will need exceptional communication skills between the company and client.

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  • Estimator

    Looking for estimators familiar with miscellaneous metals and ornamental metals who can interpret and understand contractual terms and conditions. This individual will be responsible for developing accurate and well-organized proposals with clear and detailed take-offs.

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  • Welder / Fabricator

    Looking for Fabricators, Welders, or individuals that can perform both in a shop and field environment to complete various forms of work. (Fabrication, Welding, Structural Steel, Misc. Metals, Industrial Maintenance, etc.)

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